Be The Change You Want To See In The World

Do you feel sickened at the state of affairs of our nation and want to make a change? Confused where and how to begin? Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Respect Women. Teach your sons and all male children that you have an influence over to respect women, irrespective of their age.
  • Vote. A large majority of India's urban youth are disheartened about politics and don't vote. If you want a change, be the forerunner for that change. Don't just sit at home and complain.
  • Read the newspaper.  Keep up-to-date with the news, know what is happening around you and have an opinion about it.
  • Stop watching only cricket and try out other sports. There are thousands of athletes representing India in various sports and games, playing their hearts out hoping someone would recognize them.
  • Don’t take things for granted. You deserve a lot better from the government you voted to power. It is your duty to point out their flaws and ask for change.
  • Don't pay bribes.  Next time somebody asks you for a bribe don't pay it, whatever problem it may cause.
  • Switch off all lights and electrical appliances before you leave the house.
  • Control your road rage. Drive safely for your sake and for the sake of others. Don't honk too much on the roads.
  • Let your kids choose their lives, careers and life partners. You don't own them. They know their dreams and goals better than you.
  • Tolerate all religions. Stop believing in the caste system.
  • Spend more money. Go on more holidays. You will be a happier person and you will help the country develop fast.
  • Get some exercise. Indians are notorious for being inactive. Go out, play, jump off an airplane, scuba dive.  Do something to get that adrenaline rush.
  • Stop urinating in public places. Always remember, the next generation is watching and learning from you.
  • Pay your taxes on time. Help the government to help you and your fellow citizens.
  • Educate the less privileged.  Join an NGO that teaches kids, elders or anybody without access to schools. That is much more beneficial than dropping money into a charity box to satisfy your conscience.
  • Keep the roads clean, dispose your garbage properly. Don’t throw it to your neighbor’s backyard.  Stop spitting on the roads.

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