Yasin Bhatkal, Caught, At last

Yes, you are getting it right, the founder of the most terrifying terrorist group Indian Mujahideen, the dreaded, the most wanted, the top millitant and the mastermind behind the 11 bomb blasts happened in different parts of the country is behind the bars now. Though Yasin was earlier arrested by the West Bengal police in 2008, he managed to get bail due to a mistake by the police officers who had arrested him. The officers were unaware of his terror background.

Indian Mujahideen
His arrest, after being chased for more than 6 years is a major victory for security agencies and a  big reason to cheer for all the Indians at the very auspicious Janmashtmi day. Yasin carried a huge reward of Rs.10 Lakh on his head. Just at the age of 30, Yasin has lead the whole organisation to be one of the most dangerous terrorist organisation in the world. Almost all major nations have declared IM as a terrorist organisation. This arrest will surely affect IM's bomb making skills as Yasin was an expert at assembling bombs. This time he was planning to strike at Ganesh utsav, which turned to be his biggest mistake.

The actual problem behind easy availability of these terrorists is the poverty and illiteracy. The areas there are poverty stricken, where there is no source of running any kind of business or any occupation. Parents are left with no choices than to trade their children for money. Children are brought to their camps and taught how Indians or how Hindu's are against their religion, how they can achieve ultimate peace by chosing the path of Jihad, and all bullshit like that. Whether be it Islam or Hinduism or any other religion, no religion tells us to kill innocent people. The poor, illiterate and innocent children are mislead just to give shape to their intentions of spreading violence. 

The woes of the families, whose near and dearones were killed are still fresh and demand capital punishment. Keeping these monsters in jails for years and then suddenly one day hanging them isn't the right way. Lakhs of cases are still waiting for justice, if you don't close this first how do you think others who are waiting from years will get the justice ? We still have faith in our nation's working policy and we expect only improvement in criminal laws and the case processing time they take. 

It is very much important these days to educate children with the right values and nurture them in the right surrounding. Never discriminate others on the basis of religion, colour, sex or place as all these are man-made, we belong to the same nation so follow only one religion BROTHERHOOD. War has only killed people, not the evil within us. Take the evil out, then you won't have any reason to fight. 
Jai Hind


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