Let's assume something......

I happened to see an article in a Business Page of a leading newspaper that " Japan's auto industry is preparing contingency ". You all will be very well aware of the fact that this is only because of the devastating natural disaster. This was a shocking news and I sat in silence for a while thinking of the hardwork and the progress showcased by Japanese over years and now all their efforts goes mixed up with the soil. Out of hardwork, they progressed out from under-developing stage to a developing stage and was at the onset of becoming a Developed country. This was the greatest blow that they could ever get.

Following the nuclear disaster held at Nagasaki and Hiroshima, they are still suffering the aftermath of the same.The will power that derived them helped them to raise up in the world.They were tough-competitors among other Super Powers.

 Lemme bow down myself to towards the hardwork and effort Japanese put forth in these years. Meantime, I wish and pray for their well being and heartily give good lucks for progress in all the Prism.

Now, its hightime for us to assume a concept out of this. World is now in a total Mess-up running for life and earnings.Dont even have time to care and value even relationship. Do we really get benefitted out of this...???  The only motive of each person is to earn for the next 10-15 generations.Whats the use of inhibiting so wealth when their child lacks the love and care they need during their childhood days..??? I am not into a Laziness-generating node and you may even ask that if everyone thinks like this, how will World progress. Yeah...!!!I admit,thats true but along with that I urge the same people to have Little concern over the Wordly affairs and Personal Bonds.

I hope that we all learn from our hasty and wasteful ways. The pursuit of comfort at the cost of the environment is the other side of humanity that may take us all down along with our planet. All of us want uninterrupted power for our homes, offices, malls and transport systems, and nuclear power is one of the solutions offered.

We are in conflict with ourselves. On the one hand, we yearn for the ideal way of life in peaceful coexistence. At the same time, we are out to destroy the earth. I hope our sense of survival will tell us to choose the better way of life, where we all contribute to the welfare of our race, its allied species and the piece of rock that is our home.

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