Something Missing...!!!!!!!

Haven't  gone through that Breaking News of the day . Yes, it  says "Mahatma Gandhi's iconic round spectacles have gone missing from Sevagram Ashram in Wardha district of Maharashtra ".

Ashram inmates noticed on Monday that the specs of the Father of the Nation was not found along with his other belongings kept in a locked showcase at a museum within the premises, 75 km from Nagpur.The ashram, which receives about three lakh visitors annually, is celebrating its platinum jubilee later this week (June 15-16).The ashram -- once Gandhi's abode -- has put on display his personal belongings, including a pen stand, spectacles and a bathroom brush at the museum.

Many questions are just poping onto my mind. I dont know whom to ask and where to ask. But rather, I am damn sure that I wont get a accurate answer and will end up in a mystery.

Doesnt this sounds ironic..!!@!! Bcoz as stated above that the Ashram receives three lakh visitors annually so roughly atleast 100 visitors per day. There will be  at least 5 workers to maintain the Ashram too. Gandhiji's personal belongings are intact in a glass, then how come it could be stolen without even breaking the glass...?????? I am not into any personal note pointing out a particular person/persons behind this absconding. But I am damn sure this would not happen without anyone's knowledge.

Lemme ask another question to the democracy and law prevalent in this country. If this is the case with The Nation of the Country, what will be the situation of common folk. Political parties are into the making of a better and prosperous nation with colourfull offers to the people. Does this have little concern over them...?????

And the more ridiculous is the fact that Aakash Lokhande, the manager of Sevagram Ashram, said that the pair of spectacles might have been stolen by unidentified persons sometime back, but it came to light only on Monday when the ashram inmates, who clean the articles periodically, found it missing.We have not lodged a formal complaint with the police so far but Wardha police have visited the ashram," he added. Sevagram Ashram president M M Gadkari confirmed that spectacles have been
missing. "The issue would be discussed in the next meeting of board of trustees and a decision as to whether formal police complaint should be lodged would be taken," he said.

So, it is the trust who decides even on the matter whether to file a complaint against the missing. So, that really potrays the importance of this missing case and thats of the minutest concern for them. Is this the real homage or tribute paid for such a Great Man who had strived do hard for the freedom and development of this nation.

Other Side of the Coin :

Lemme pause for a while thinking why the man stole those glasses...??? It may not be any financial cause as if brought out to light, the man will be caught behind the bars and he could do nothing out of this rather sleep in acute pressure.One of my friend pointed out the point that the man might have loved Gandhi so passionately. Or Is it acute patriotism or the strong desire for Gandhiji and Gandhism which provoked him to do such a deed...????

Losing Legendary :

The world is on its fast growing pace, Legends are losing their importance and even their messages are ignored.Gandhi had many messages, some ignored, some misunderstood, some as relevant today as when first enunciated. Even many NRIs, for that matter — know what they know about the Mahatma from Ben Kingsley’s Academy Award-winning screen portrayal. His was a mesmerizing performance, but the script barely hinted at the bewildering complexity of the real man, who was at the same time an earnest pilgrim and a wily politician, an advocate of celibacy and the architect of satyagraha (truth force), a revivalist, a revolutionary and a social reformer.

Gandhiji as an Economist :

Gandhiji's role have evolved so much with years.The Man of Satyagraha and Disobedience have evolved himself as Model competing with Arnold schwarzenegger,Johny Depp and others in ads.The Mahatma’s image now features in advertising campaigns for everything from Apple computers to Mont Blanc pens.

Wake up..!!

Wake up youngmen..!! Its hightime to perform something for the nation. At your fiftees, when you look back, you should not feel yourself miserable and missing in your life. Life is so precious with so many opportunities and deeds waiting for you. Realize it and do it. Unlike Gandhi and other legends , let us do something or the little for the betterment of this nation.

Try to read out the messages delivered by Celebrities rather than wasting your time poking out to Reality Shows and getting shrink-ed. Apply some of them into real life and you will really realise the Magical spell it has on you..... I am not into glorifying the legends, rather you read it out yourself....Feel  proud to be an Indian where thousands have sacrificed their lives....

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jiu! said...

Appreciate !!
U mentioned about magical spell
Magical spell is everywhere
Reality show is a magical spell
Legendary following is a magical spell
But U R the person to choose that
"Into which magical spell we have to fall" ??


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