Mumbai Bomb-Blast 13/7

 What an agony our nation is facing...??? Yet another Bomb Blast at Mumbai....After all how many lives are gaunted on no cause of themselves.....I am truly touched by watching the Television and Internet, and reading the newspaper.

Medias are revealing the updates of the blast  in each seconds. We can see pathetic pictures all around. Reporters are reporting minute-to-minute. As the evening monsoon rains began to wash away the dusty congested streets, the agencies scurried to salvage the remaining bits of evidence - charred pieces of human flesh, blood and hair, mangled with parts of a motorcycle and automotive engine, and children's broken toys blasted.

How hard is it to build up a family or a house? One strive so hard to build up a life or to have a mere life, at the same time some anti-socials are taking the lives simple in no reason.

Close to the fifth anniversary of the terror attacks on Mumbai trains that killed 181 people on July 11, 2006, India's "maximum city", a fluid epicenter of Indian modernity, ambitions and chaotic dreams, was hit again by three serial bombings on July 13, 2011. While the raw surge of the life-force in Mumbai is much stronger than the death instinct, one has to wonder how many more terrorist attacks the city can withstand without losing its heart.

As former Indian president Abdul Kalam has said, "In India we only read about death, sickness, terrorism and crime." Indeed, this is the sadness many are expressing on the day after the attacks, and just three years after the carnage of the massive November 2008 militant assault on the city. Even Obama or other foreign delegates look into this issue very seriously and pathetically.

How long can Mumbai remain resilient in the face of such attacks? Most importantly it is reported that It was the 25 th Birthday of Kasab who devastated the city once. They are just forgetting one thing, because of a small group, even the whole  Muslim Community is being blamed and they feels themselves cheating the Nation in which they live. Lets all remember one thing we live in India as Indians and we treat everyone as Brothers and Sisters. And no-one is gonna break those bonds.

If terrorists think bomb blasts will break our spirit then they are sadly mistaken. India has faced the “mighty” British and kicked them out in a war that was fought to be won. India gained independence.

India has overcome many internal threats that were aimed at breaking it into individual states. Resilience of Indians shined bright.

With passage of time, terrorism is rearing its ugly head in the shape of bomb blasts. An act of utter cowardice. But this too shall bring Indians together and terror will soon become an error in judgment.

In this time of need, let’s be one and take a pledge that our spirit will not be broken and we will stand together against another weak force that underestimates our strength. We will always live freely. Let's not be broken.

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githin said...

dis is wat n everyones mind..... hat off


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