Illicit Use Of Drugs Taking Children Towards Isolation

Yesterday when around 100 kids were hauled up by the local police in Gurgaon at a rave party, we couldn't resist ourselves from writing about it. First of all a thumbs down to all those who think drug addiction is just for the big shots. Today, children have discovered all kinds of drugs varying from the cheapest of all "Marijuana" to the most expensive drug "Cocaine". It all starts from a experience and then it becomes part of life. 

Whom to be blamed ? Parents, School authority ? Drug suppliers ? or these students ? Everyone has contributed, though not equally but they have. Parents are the first and main care takers, when they nurture their children in the right way, children tend to adapt with the external environment to look alike. From the Parents must give time to their children, educate them about things which are not taught in schools from time to time. Values are something which should never be compromised no matter what the situation is. Now when the children are taught the ways of life, they should not fear the hooligans who try to manipulate the innocence of school children. 

Children lose the most precious years of their life in drug addiction. Many of them feel they are isolated from the society so they can choose their life the way they want, but they don't know that society is what they choose to be. Society is not some other world which is spying on you but it is a reflection of your activities. If you do good for them, they respond in the same way and if you remain apart, they will discard you. Yes, we know that its their life and they have the right to choose their ways to live, but that is called freedom to do anything, experiment with life and find new ways by which they can improve themselves and society not the ways by which they can ruin it. Ancestors sacrificed their lives serving the poor and doing good for the society so we should deliver justice to their deeds by serving the needy, respecting our elders, and if at all opportunity comes, serving to our Nation.

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