It is better to light a lamp in the darkness, than curse it

How do you convince yourself to serve your country, when you see so much corruption?

Putting the love for one's own country aside, one may find possibilities for self-advancement anywhere else in the world. Then why our country? India is where one of the largest experiments in democracy is taking place.
Despite political apathy against quality education, large universities are being built to cater the needs of millions of students. Insufficient energy and water grids are being tackled by some of the brightest minds in the field. Execution may be the major challenge, but where else can you build something that changes the lives of hundreds of millions of people? There are many examples, but there's one thing to take away - this country will work despite all the apathy. It will work because some people will not give up, no matter what happens. We may not even know all of them, but the work they do will mean so much to many people.

There are soldiers guarding the borders around the clock against enemies, exposed to extreme cold, heat, rain, cut off from their families, Doctors doing yeoman service for the poorer sections, giving them proper healthcare and medical advice, teachers taking free tuitions for students from lower income groups,  students from poor families, getting scholarships, doing well in life.

They aren't doing this out of blind patriotism or charity. They're doing this because these accomplishments translate on a scale that is seldom seen in history. There are still serious rewards for quality work - every Indian still respects quality. So this wave of innovativeness isn't, in any way, "self-sacrifice".
Despite all the indolence against such developments, we are inspired by the amount of work and dedication people are putting into making the country work. Corruption might be the face of a lack of strong governance, but it is just another big problem waiting for an ingenious solution to strike. It's not like this hasn't been solved or defied before!

65 years after Independence, our Government, politicians, and bureaucrats remain as inefficient and as corrupt as ever. But the change we see elsewhere can uplift the spirits of the people. Let us make our own destiny. We hope to see more people with bright ideas, doing their own bit for society.

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