Kargil Vijay Diwas

Its the day to feel proud of all our sons who sacrificed their lives to win the battle of Kargil, Its the day to feel the woes of the families and friends who lost their JAWAN's in the Kargil, Its the day When India successfully took command of the high outposts which had been lost to Pakistani army. Yes, we are talking about India's victory over Kargil war which happened on 26th July 1999. We celebrate it as Kargil Vijay Diwas also called as Kargil day. Its been 14 long years but still we can feel the agony that we lost over 500 Jawan's in the war and the most sad part about it is that we could never reinstate our relations with Pakistan ever again. 

Hypocrites say that we are in a state of compromise with the most untrustful neighbour but do you think even they have contributed their bit ? Incidents on sneeking into our borders have continued from years and still happening. After the war in 1971 our relations with pakistan seemed to improve under the governance of Shri. Indira Gnadhi but the tentionas and conflicts escalated in 1991 when neighbour's urge to acquire our Kashmir increased to such extent that they secretly started acquiring areas of Kashmir and thus it resulted in a war. Initially we had a very little knowledge of the infiltration by the pakistani troops but  later on Indian army realised that the plan of attack was on a much bigger scale. The government of India then responded with a massive 2,00,000 Indian troops and named the operation as VIJAY. Finally war came to an official end on 26th of july 1999.

Today, we have a totally different ruling system where we are totally defensive. We do not want to let the enemies know that even we are cabale enough to give a fight back. Indian government seems to be dull and a utter failure when it comes to taking steps on infiltrations whether its from Pakistan or it is from the China. Like how parasites decide which host to choose for their living we are proving to be the most favorite ones to host. Today its Pakistan and China, imagine if India loses their connections with Russia as well as USA, there is a possibility that we will again be ruled by either US or China like how British ruled over India for more than 200 years. 

Compromising to little mistakes is fine and shows brotherhood but when others start exploiting it then it becomes a weakness and weaknesses which prevail for long are not good for any nation. We need a reaction to an action and thats what our leaders taught us. Its the time when we should take one step ahead and demand for a new super power which would lead and guide our nation to a better future.

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