Let’s Reminisce!

 Ah yes! The look back video. Your life in Facebook explained in a minute. If you have narcissistic friends that ranges in thousands on Facebook, you’re probably a victim of the ‘bag of brag’ syndrome and you’re going to be looking at news feeds flooded with people’s look back videos, which after a while, with no disrespect to the individuals posting it, starts to get a little irritating. This being the reality of the situation, let’s look at the intention behind this idea which we might add is a good one.

   Branding is an important part of any business and the idea somewhat carries with it the projection of a persona that would be unique to a business that would help to further the marketing goals of the company. This being a business strategy, is only effective since people’s minds are wired to perceive the idea of a company having an image and an attitude, which they could sell, as being “cool”. Well not everybody can own a company, or spend millions to create a brand identity for themselves. Here enters Facebook, a place where everybody can have a unique identity and advertise it. A person builds up his own personal brand by the way he uses the medium, the thoughts he put up, by sharing his likes or on the basis of what he finds funny, important or educational The look back video is in many ways a brilliant thought which employs the idea of people wanting to brand themselves. So the problem with Facebook creating a video for everybody was that it made personal branding too generic, because everybody had one and it was mostly compiled with stuff that Facebook thought was important to people based on the number of likes and shares. This led to the thought of development of an upgraded version of the video where users could edit them to tell people what they personally think is important to them and not what Facebook decides it to be.

 Whether it be a marketing stunt or a true celebration of the success of Facebook, the idea of spreading the joy with millions of people using Facebook is a great one. Although the people watching them didn’t have as much fun as the people posting them, the stunt surely turned heads, which poses the question, what will Facebook think of next?

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