When Intel looked inside Dharavi

The Dharavi tour is surely a must do thing for any tourist visiting Mumbai. Or, do you doubt what is really there to leave you curious about a slum? Here, Intel explains.
It will indeed be the greatest of shocks if someone tells you that Dharavi, India's best known slum is home to a growing industrial sector.

Intel's 'Look Inside' Campaign invites you to "look inside" to decipher the power of technology that lets you connect, build your presence and grow.   

Intel's look inside Dharavi is intentionally intriguing. It sees beyond the blues of rural realities where technology arrives with a twist in the tale. It avoids the glitz and glamour of Mumbai in its visuals; it takes you through the blind spots of Dharavi, the picture we all failed to see.  It tells the story of how technology changed the lives of two college-goers while portraying the better [rather surprising] side of Dharavi. The 3 minute video surely holds the potential to tell its viewers to look inside themselves.

Intel launched its Look Inside campaign as a platform to tell stories. It hasn’t been long since Intel switched from being the “sponsors of tomorrow” to be ones urging you to “look inside”. With its efforts to look inside the villages of India, they have put together the point, “this is technology; now go do something wonderful with it”.

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