Facebook: The abandoned ship of starving brands?

You got money? No? Then, you can now be prepared to face your own brand's demise on Facebook.

Never would you have cared about the mathematics of Facebook's complex news feed algorithm. Never until you realised that your page posts are being viewed by only a fraction of your fans on Facebook; never until you saw for yourself, the falling statistics on your brand pages.

A recent study from Ogilvy suggested that the organic reach for big and small brands will likely hit zero in the future, based on the current trend of declining organic conversations.

Generating business results?  

The screws have been tightened. Facebook will now support your brand only with paid. As touchy as it can get for small brands, soon in the foreseeable future, your brand managers and owners will have to endure the shocking nightmare of poor ROI.

The push for high quality content

The tweaked algorithm however claims to support and promote high quality content. It was mentioned that high quality reads will show up more prominently instead of other crookedly popular content like memes.
In that sense, Facebook’s effort to change the existing news feed is an intentional move to improve the overall user experience. 

Effective paid ads

When everything else shunts down the page reach, the only way to stay in the hunt is to acquire more new fans. And when fan acquisition demands serious use of paid ads, more ads with social context can get popular since Facebook makes it cheaper to deliver ads with social context.

You will have to pay for it.

Endless brands, heightened competition. Content is piled up in the news feed faster than people’s ability to consume it. The best way to get your stuff seen if you are a business is to pay for it. This will oblige the brands to up their content creation game, to emerge as an eligible fit for the improved news feed. And that’s when you will want to call for an agency in handling your social media; for, everyone’s creating ads and it’s time you create better ads. The choice is yours; you can adapt effectively and be the clever player or you can just splash out on paid ads and be the boss. 

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