" Did you hug your child today "

(Plz Pardon me if you think I am too subjective )

While travelling , I was struck with a poster stating " Did u hug ur child today...??? " This caption was depicted on the advertisement board of a leading Day Care in my city. They just wanted to say that they generally care emotions...That was indeed a good notion and eye-catching too.But, I think there is something to think about that heading...

I agree that it was not our general style, anyway. I am not into a stupid idea of hugging kids all the time or even twice a day. And morover that should not be for name-sake.Both the parents are working nowadays. They strive hard to bring out a good fortune for their children. In the midst of all the buzz, they hardly get time to share the feelings of their children.

I see parents tired or bored or impatient with their children, I wish I could say to them, ” But they are alive, think of the wonder of that”.  A tone of voice can be a hug, a smile, a wink, a squeeze of the hand, a rumpling of hair, a whispered ‘Good Luck’ , an arm across the shoulder, a note on the pillow all equate a hug.

Realise them :

Realise the value of your child. God has gifted you with the best in this world. Give them the best although giving them little care and love which they dream of. When they see their friend's parents behaving to them in a much more loving manner, dnt let your child feel miserable..

What joy or wonder have your children brought you? Have you noticed moments or things because of them that you otherwise would have missed?We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.Try to see the magical wonder it explicit around you all over...Let him play, run around or even scream, coz he wnt get this opportunity once he grows up...

Love your children :

A hug for everyday - You don't have to look for a reason to hug your child. Don't wait till your child's birthday or till he scores good marks or gets home a trophy. For no reason can be bigger than love.

A hug for every age - Where parents give their chubby little children kisses and hugs like their daily dose of milk, it's when children grow up they think maybe it's alright to skip hugs from the routine. But children need and love hugs, at all ages

A hug for confidence - Your child will feel wanted, cherished, and important whenever you hug him. This kind of expression of love by parents adds to the child's confidence and self esteem.

A hug for love - Cuddle your child, embrace him in your arms to show your love without having to say 'I love you'. He too would learn to be more expressive about his feelings for you or for that matter anybody.

" Make a better place for our kids to make a better tomorrow "

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