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Went through an article and got to know that tomorrow ( 21 September ) is World Alzhimer's Day. I was so touched reading that and thinking of the less fortunate victims who became the prey in the devilish " Alzhimer's " hand. Ends up in a miserable life where footprints and mere shadows accompany towards the end of the life.

Its a very ironical situation wherein you just stay a man by name. All that we possess in a lifetime is lost in a moment. He/she walks away from life without even smiling at their dear ones. The skills we know, the knowledge we possess just vanish away from our minds. Can't even recognise our dear ones or even revert back to their queries. Thus it effects the daily life seriously.

Imagine a really beautiful, perfect statue, left out in the wind and rain for centuries, to be worn away, until it’s only retained the shape of a person, not any of the individuality. That’s what Alzheimer’s is doing to a noble man and turning  him into a fearful person with a vague and confused stare without knowing what to do next. He/she just remains a idol.

He/she might be a genius in driving or swimming. The very same person ends up with accident cases. They just forget the next action. Routinely place important items in odd places, such as keys in the fridge,or place books in wrong places. They even forget names of family members and common objects, or substitute words with inappropriate ones.Dress regardless of the weather, wear several skirts on a warm day, or shorts in a snow storm. They are not capable of solving problems, or think abstractly. Withdraw from usual interests and activities, sit in front of the TV for hours, sleep far more than usual.Get lost in familiar places, don’t remember how you got there or how to get home.Experience rapid mood swings, from tears to rage, for no discernible reason. Its such a fearful desease for which no complete remedy have been so far found.

But like with any disease, no one pays any attention to it until it affects them personally, or someone they know very well.Even I dont have any personal experience but still my heart sobs for them. Coz the man never knows that he is a victim for no reason of himself. 

Look back at yourself. Rather than running after things for tomorrow, Live highly with what you have today. You never know what happens next in your life.....

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