14 Top Tools For Social Media Campaign Management

Are you planning to launch a social media campaign for your business or clients? Do you use social media tools to get more out of your marketing?  Have you ever wondered what tools marketing pros are using successfully? These are some of the top social media campaign management tools used by top marketers to get the best out of their social media campaigns, from the time a campaign is created to the measurement of ROI.

Campaign Development

Swayy - It’s a platform that drops interesting content into a dashboard where you can scan or read the most interesting articles. The best feature isn’t the fact that the articles are dropped right in front of your nose. The best feature is the sharing. You can share immediately or schedule. 

Mention - Mention was developed as a user-friendly replacement for Google Alerts. They’re a textbook example of how to build a platform by doing one thing better than anyone else.

Pocket - A great tool for content curation. You can save articles for which you don’t have time to read immediately, organize them in your “pocket” and go back to read later.  

Addvocate-It solves a very common problem in social media, which is the need to decentralize your messengers. Almost always, the employees in your company have more social connections (combined) than the company does for its official social media outposts.

Campaign Deployment

Hootsuite - The ultimate free tool for managing all of my social media accounts in one place is Hoot Suite. If you manage a team, then the ease at which you can delegate social media marketing tasks to different team members is invaluable.

Buffer - It allows you to share simultaneously across Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. Post Scheduling is also available. Sharing links from other bloggers is still one of the best ways to build social goodwill. The more you share, the more influencers share your own posts. You also get lots of thank you notes from followers for curating such great content. It’s a win for everyone.

Twuffer - When the social campaign involves Twitter, one of the best tools for scheduling tweets is Twuffer.com.

IFTTT-A huge time saver. Use it to “synchronize” most of your social media activities.

TweetDeck - A great tool for managing multiple Twitter accounts at the same time. You can promote your content and interact with everyone that engages with both you and your business at the same time, without having to open not  than one page.

Twitterfeed  It is used for automatic sharing when a blog is updated. It comes with customized hash tags for Twitter. 

Campaign Measurement

Bit.ly - For creating trackable URLs for my campaigns, use Bit.ly. 

Google Social Analytics -  When you set up landing pages that are tied to the campaigns. It uses encoded links to show which social channel the traffic is coming from. You can share reports with clients.

Followerwonk - There’s no better tool out there for finding your target audience than Followerwonk. Once you establish relationships, you can analyze every last bit of your audience to optimize the growth of your brand online.

Commun.it  - It is a Twitter tool that lets you take a deeper look into social interactions and build more meaningful relationships with those actively sharing your content. With Commun.it, you can not only see who is sharing your content, but also identify key influencers within your field, track and monitor important keywords, interact and engage with your Twitter followers, and send any retweets to Buffer with the click of a button. Commun.it has become an essential tool for daily  social media management, ensuring that   no conversation is missed and no opportunity is wasted.

We hope this gives you a perspective on just how useful some of the tools are – not to build something specific and official that tells you what tools you should be using. Ultimately it’s how you use the tool that matters. If you know any other tools we have missed, let us know in comments!

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