5 Tips To Improve Your Website.

   A good website is hard to come by these days considering the loads of poorly designed ones popping up every second, flooding the few that may actually hold interest. It has come to a point where if you dont have a stand out website you would be considered one among the many random useless people in the internet. Here's a list of tips that would be useful in developing a good website.

The Company.

 Your company image is a major reason that drives traffic onto your website. An appealing logo and design characteristics can help you in placing a proper foothold in the online market. A proper company logo placed strategically on the website linking to your homepage is always a good idea both in the design and the functional sense. Show off your company identity in every possible way through your website, if in fact you have a respectable brand identity.

The Content.

The amount of content and its placement would add to the ease of use of your website. A neatly presented website would have its content arranged in a heirarchy based on the degree of importance each information holds. Setting up quality content presented neatly can go a long way in the success of the website. The content should also incorporate easy navigation such that people can pass through pages without much difficulty, and it help to maintain that flow of transition from page to page. Clutter reduction is also an important way of maintaining a clean looking website. Remove all unwanted information such that the important content doesnt drown inside gibberish whose sole purpose is to make the website "seem" content rich.

The Design.

A generic website is one thing that you as a competitive company would want to avoid. This may send a wrong message to your client to you being common and unoriginal. Instead of using common images used widely through the internet, invest in professional photography. Use colours that would reflect your company and your customers. It would be wise to follow the colour theory and design principles to have an idea on how your company would turn out to be in the visual realm.
   While selecting a font it is recommended that you stick to the social norm and use those which are commonly used. There is a reason why they are commonly used and that is readability and presentability. But if you are one of those people who like to break all the rules, you are free to choose different font styles provided you do not compromise the above mentioned factors.

The Pages.

 It is a common misconception that people enter a site only through the home page. Keeping this in mind many designers and web developers spend too much time on making the homepage looking as beautiful as possible and leaves all the other page to fate. But this as we've told is just a misconception. The possibility of people coming to your website directly by typing in the website URL is very less. Much of them get to your website through the links you place throughout the internet and in many cases they drop in accidentally. Considering this fact, it would be wise to design every page with equal priority.
   All those buttons that you generally overlook like the submit and download buttons should be given more importance, they are as much a part of your website as anything else.

The Test.

  After you are done designing your webite do a test to check on the design's visual appeal, functionality and accesibility. You would be surprised at how many factors that you have missed out on after performing a thorough check up of the entire website. It also helps you to identify the errors and glitches a user might face on your website. After you're done with testing, launch you're website and see the difference.

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