Google's 2013 Updates

 Its not news or even surprising that google maintains its top spot on the list of search engines. Their frequent algorithm updates have been helping users get to sites they have been searching for with greater accuracy. These updates however are a hard blow to the marketers, whose jobs apparently seem to become increasingly difficult. With the technical bits better left to the experts, we peek into the mysterious world of google to figure out the effects of these new updates.


The panda algorithm was first launched on February 2011 and the most recent update to it (update no. 24) came out on February 2013. Because of the ever increasing low quality websites on the internet, having depressing content and meaning, google developed the update to give its users better precision and value for the search results generated. In a general sense google decided to reward those hardworking individuals or groups who actually work at maintaining a good website with updated content and better value. Any sites that may have generally lower content ratio and more ads are disregarded and the SERP remains loyal to the few. As per google's definition (or by any definition for that matter) a high quality site is factualy precise, comprehensive, unbiased and has lower complaints from users and a low quality content would have  thin contents, more complaints and numerous paid ads.
    A couple of months later update number 25 was created by the google team. This update is very similar to its predecessor as the panda update as a whole is planned to be executed in phases rather than all at once.

Penguin 2.0

The penguin update came out on may 2013. This was created with the intention of eliminating web spammers. It had an even bigger effect on the searches than the previous panda update with over 2.3% of searches being affected by it. Penguin update was designed to reward those websites with showed insight and shared high quality links within it, mostly related to a site that branded itself well.

Humming bird 1.0

The humming bird update was rather a significant one. Infact it was the largest overhaul to the search engine after 'caffine' that came out on 2009. The biggest change in the humming bird update was that the engine could now recognize whole sentences instead of just keywords. This makes searches even easier because users could now ask questions directly to the engine with it understanding and displaying pages based on the whole sentence. It also helped to improve searchers for users in terms of content. Users could now get results based on the frequency of updation of the page and the quality of contents inside it.

Keyword Encryption

This wasn't actually an update but was a major event that took place this year. Although google used to encrypt keywords from users before it didnt apply to those not logged into google. Well, this new update encrypts all keywords typed, generally to provide users with extra protection.

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