Holiday Marketing Tips

    Christmas is around the corner you guys and you know what that means. Time to trade in your wallets for gifts and conform to the norms of the society whether you like it or not. And you can damn well be sure that the marketers are rolling up their sleeves, ready for action leaving a trail of bread crumbs along the way. Your best bet would be to follow the trail and hope it leads you somewhere nice. This Christmas season we've decided to put together a list of things marketers resort to or should resort to get decent sales around the holiday season.

1. Trees, hats and rein deers.

    Pretty common to see companies dressing up their logos in Santa hats and red coats and placing them near Christmas trees and rein deers, if you ask us this is a practice that  emphasizes the branding bit. By portraying your brand as an individual who not only speaks, but also understands, marketers are increasing brand credibility and improving public relations. Though it comes as a bit of a psychological and emotional manipulation it doesn't harm anyone and  seems to work.

2. The Spirit of Christmas.

    Gifts!!! First thing that pops into our minds when you say 'The spirit of Christmas' and not surprisingly this comes  as an overused marketing technique. It seems the customers don't mind the cliched nature of the technique as long as they get something out of it. It has become so much of a tradition that people would wait for the holiday season to buy consumer goods, which also suggest that this method still works.

3. Mail 'em stuff.


  Email marketing somehow seems to flourish around this period of time. Marketers are making sure that "you" get a " holiday greeting" from their company, by "you" we mean potential customer and by "holiday greeting" we mean product promotion. A product promotion  disguised as a greeting seems to be a fairly effective method of improving sales during the holidays, so why stop?

4. We've been compromised!

   The newest medium for marketing apparently seems to be the social media.  The underlying principle is fairly simple, companies essentially recruit your friends and family to do the marketing for them, using the most powerful tool in it's arsenal, 'word of mouth'. Promotions seems to be in full swing around the holidays with companies thinking up of all sorts of  creative or even unorthodox methods of promotion. Just as long as they don't cross that fine line between friendly and  awkward they'd be okay.

5. Like a moth to a flame.

Discounts everybody! This is the time to be generous so lets embrace it. Trading profits for  sales isn't a loss so go crazy (not really, cause you don't wanna end up bankrupt) and let em have it. Discounts adds that special holiday feeling to the season so spread the joy, go on, spoil em.
      Fellow celebrators, the Christmas season is upon us so lets start spending and have some fun doing it. Share the spirit of Christmas all around and let it warm those frosty nights. Have fun and shop safe you guys.

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