What's that device you're hooked up to?

        It seems as though people are trying to bring their childhood fantasies into real life considering the things they're building these days. Let's not deny it, we've all  tried to operate that sophisticated piece of imaginary technology on our wrist at some point of our lives, and no i'm not talking about a watch.  Now  you can actually do just that but with better results and by that we mean you can actually connect to people on the Internet and eliminate the possibility of you looking like an idiot in the process. The sci-fi movies from the 70's and 80's gives us an idea about this paranoia people have toward wearable technology.

      Accessibility, functionality and fashion are the three words that defines the direction that wearable technology is seemingly oriented towards, and they've been able to come up with some neat stuff too. Glasses whether they be augmented or virtual reality, do have a strong presence in the category of wearable technology. We were truly impressed with both the Google Glass and the Oculus Rift. When we break down the technology we can see that one essentially changes the world around us and the other takes us into another world and that is pretty impressive. Smartwatches have also shown us this year that they are here to stay and their increasing functionality is definitive proof that they will be here for the long run.


       There is such a thing as taking something too far, this is exactly what the mood sweaters did with their colour changing clothing innovation. Apparently these sweaters have L.E.D lights attached to them that lights up in colours that corresponds to the mood of the person wearing it. As whimsical as it may sound, we predict that it is not going to be a big success in the market, simply because of the fact that most of the time the mood we project is not our actual mood. If you stand there with a huge grin on your face and  your mood sweater shining red, you're going to look like an idiot. It is a potential lie detector waiting to tell on you.

   Other things like the Nike FuelBand and the Jawbone Up are innovations that you would appreciate on a smaller scale  but innovations all the same. Fitness bands also have a strong market among the public but it is not something that is celebrated on arrival unlike high tech gadgets that blow people's minds. These are highly fashionable so they are always strong contenders in the market.
      The pace at which technology is advancing  looks very promising. We've come a long way from carrier pigeons and sundials. One can only imagine what the future holds.

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