How To Blossom Your Business On Pinterest

1. Use ONLY Original Pictures

When you are on Pinterest or any other social networking site, never use pictures from other websites to promote your business. The main reason for why you should not use images from other websites is that ofcourse you would want to create a brand name for your product and company online so for that you will need unique and relevant content to represent you on social media. Also the images they use is already been optimized to represent their product and even if you use the same then you are indirectly marketing their product through your channel. 

If you visit the Popular Section of Pinterest, you will see that most of the popular pictures and images in this section are original and unique. The popular images are repinned, liked and commented on the most number of times. You can check the images that are being repinned from any website by using the link  All you will need to do is replace domainname with the website’s name. If you want to be successful in driving traffic from Pinterest to your blog, focus on creating unique pictures and/or images.

2. Pin other's content to build your following

Pinterest is not all about pinning your own pictures onto your boards. Just like on any other social networking site, you need to share other people’s content too. So look for others pictures and content relating to your product or service and pin them onto your boards. Make sure you stick to a clear cut topic on each pinboard. A pinboard is a set of pins. You can create different pinboards on different topics. You can add an unlimited number of pins to a pinboard. Make sure you pin content that is relevant and useful. List out people who are already featured, active and a great source for qualitative content.

3. Create Price List To Bring In Sales

Another incredible way to display your products on Pinterest is to create a price list. You can create a pinboard and pin pictures based on one of your collections. You can also add a price to these pictures. When you want the price to be displayed on the pinboard, all you have to do is add the $ sign followed by the price to the description and the price will be displayed. When you add price list, there’s a greater possibility that people who visit your site from that image will buy it, as they will know the price before they visit your site. No matter to what extent you provide quality to your followers, but without providing them the pricing, you cannot just simply expect them to enquire about your product.

4. Pin To Win

You can create photo contests on Pinterest. Let your followers know what the prize is and ask them to take a picture and share it to win the contest. Ask your fans to pin that picture onto their pinboards. They can then either send you the link to their picture, or you could ask them to use a unique hashtag to enter the competition. Then you will have to search the hashtag on Pinterest and come up with a means of deciding the best photo. Successful contests prove your brand's credibility on internet and builds trust among your followers. Pinterest is the best platform to run such contests as it is a picture friendly, you can upload a picture of any dimension here.


5. Involve Followers to spread the word

Pinterest gives you the option to allow other contributors to your pinboards. The pinboards you create don’t have to contain only your pins, you can select other people and let them pin images onto your pinboards too. Take advantage of this feature. Select some of your favorite or most active fans and ask them to pin images onto your pinboards. You could even run a contest where the prize is to be a regular contributor to the pinboard. Get your followers involved to help spread the word about your products. This can help you to spread the word about your product and company as well also build a community of relevant people.

6. Pin Offers

Create a unique picture about your latest offer and pin it onto one of your pinboards on Pinterest. Create an exclusive pinboard to pin the latest offers for Pinterest users only. These offers could be exclusively uploaded to your Pinterest pinboards, or they could be pinned from a website page. When you pin free offers, your followers will definitely repin them and share them with their friends. Everybody loves offers. Make sure you don’t put a limit if you want many repins. If the offer is for a limited time then don't forget to mention the time period in the description.

7. Create Infographics 

Infographics are a great way of raising engagement and follower numbers on Pinterest. Among all your pins and repins, some original content, especially educational content will give you an extra edge. And since Pinterest is mostly visual and picture based, infograhics are the best solution. You will find many great online tools to easily create infographics such as or

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Unknown said...

There's a staggering number of software on the net right now. And social networking sites are software that can be mechanized for marketing and branding. Best of all: they're free. Pinterest is particularly interesting because it looks rather organized, while being attuned to the instantaneous nature of information, especially online. Perfect for staging business. I still think one should get consultation in mustering the power freeware provides. Doing it alone is a noble conceit, but the market has very little time for 'trial and error'. :)

Layla @ Sacramento Marketing Labs


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