heART of Kochi - an Unparalleled Art Experience!

Kochilites have all set to open a new herald at Lulu Mall on 18th March 2015. 

Over these days, Kochilites have fought against the garbage. Clean Kochi Battle was an initiative by the India’s best selling National newspaper The Times Of India. The mission was accomplished by the dedicated efforts of Suchitwa Mission and Kochi police. Anabytes serves as the online partner for the same. This is a one-month campaign literally a battle against garbages.The battle has culminated into an Art .Live art and doodling art by the vibrant team of Team  Anabytes

 The final phase of campaign is going to be an enthralling end. The Times of India in association with Anabytes presents heART of Kochi, the first of its kind at Lulu Mall. 

The chief focus of heARt of Kochi, is to disseminate the beauty,and also urge the Kochilites to preserve natural grandeur of Kochi. We had witnessed one month battle against the uncleanliness, However, it  brought out some positive sparks to our society. But,it’s time to Stop reminisce and to start revive the beauty of Kochi. Kochilites, you own a lot to this magnificent city, it’s time you to pay back! Come and take part in this wonderful event. 

We personally invite each and everyone to the heART of Kochi which is likely to bring an unparalleled art experience to Kochi.

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