Tryst with an unparalleled Art experience !

The heART of Kochi literally was an unparalleled artistic experience for many Kochilites out there. The showpiece of art touched the heartbeats of city lovers and also urges the Kochilites to embark a journey towards the cleaner and greener city.

The splendid art experience in fact open a new herald with the perfect blend of colors. It captures the vivid bhava of Kochi on a seven by nine feet long canvas in the shape of a butterfly. The thought provoking showpiece of art also give space to Kochilites to reminiscence the beauty of Kochi and it also emphasizes the citizen responsibility to keep this city’s special grandeur.  In connection with The Times Of India, Team Anabytes did a wonderful graffiti painting at the central atrium of the  LULU Mall on 18th March 2015. The painting  depicted the nuance of art and the vibrant life of Kochi in a magnificent way. The  heART Of Kochi was indeed a great success. The whole day long  painting process lured many spectators  from all strata of life.  Team Anabytes presented the art piece in such a unique and creative way with blend of the flash mob.

Well -Known film director and producer  Major Ravi was also part of this creative venture and also urges youth to take part to unveil the beauty of Kochi. Kochi had never seen such an art  piece  before, which depicts the subtle elegance of Kochi in a brilliant way.  This artwork was done in association with the LuLu Mall, and Anabytes was the creative partner for the event. The  artwork was portrayed by Anil K.S, Liju George and Deena Venugopal.


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